Tiki Hut!

I recently set out on an adventure to build a fort in our backyard for the kiddos. After much research, I landed on a fun design that I came across on a Pinterest post. Then from that tiny picture, I began (without a set of plans) to construct a Tiki Fort of our own.

Knowing full well I was in over my head, (limited construction experience) I tried to have fun with it. I sketched out a proposed plan of attack and began.

My skillsaw was long neglected, so it was good to fire it up. Got a chance to use my new sander too. The lumber was the most expensive part and I found a good distributor for the thatch roofing.

Overall, it was a relatively low cost project ($500ish). And considering  forts like these sell for thousands of dollars… I think we made out pretty well.

The boys seem to dig it. Once the climbing rope arrives it will be complete! Phase 2 involves a rope bridge and crocodiles…




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