The Medici Letters

Praise for The Medici Letters

“Fast-paced and adventurous. A must-read. Mystery, murder, danger and excitement… every emotion is played out in this book. I was hooked from the start and I was not disappointed.” – Vicki Goodwin, The Page Turner

“With Taylor’s deft pen he scribes a blend of history, intrigue, with close enough traces of reality that make this a monumental tome. Truth stranger than fiction – and told with a propulsive force that more than lightens the questions of the mysteries that continue to surround the Medici’s.” -Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame, Top 100 Reviewer 


★★★★★ “Very Exciting!”

★★★★★ “I love history, i love suspense, I love NEEDING to flip through the pages and that’s what I got from this book!!”

★★★★★ “Exciting Indiana Jones-esque mystery with a present-day treasure hunt through the Medici world of Florence, Italy and beyond. Taylor Buck opens a world that should interest readers from all backgrounds.”


★★★★★ “Exceptional. (Taylor Buck) is in the company of Steve Berry in the historical fiction novels Hall of Fame.”

★★★★★ “Thrilling, educational and mysterious. I had to stop many times to research and actually study. The historical data is so fascinating and interesting.”

★★★★★ “Truly appreciated the journey. Had everything I’m looking for in a good book. RECOMMENDED without hesitation.

The Medici Letters Taylor Buck cover

The Medici Letters

A shocking ancient secret.
The origins of western civilization discovered.
The Renaissance—our most fundamental age of technological and artistic advance, was built upon a secret passed down to a banking family in Florence—the Medici.
500 years ago that secret was buried.
Florence, Italy, present day. A trove of letters belonging to the Medici family is discovered underground. Archaeologist Kat Cullen comes across a map that leads her to the Swiss Alps where she is later found unconscious and her partner murdered. Kat’s husband, professor and classicist—Jack Cullen, rushes to investigate. He joins with Chester Allen, a brilliant scientist from surveillance enterprise TerraTEK Industries, and together they begin to unravel the mystery of the Medici letters in hopes of determining what happened in the Alps. As they dig deeper, Jack stumbles across a secret—the infamous Medici treasure is real. However, word gets out and Jack soon realizes he’s not the only one interested in finding it…a deadly and elusive assassin attempts to seize control, throwing Jack into a series of harrowing escapades—riding horseback through the streets of Siena, discovering clues inside ancient cathedrals, deciphering 500 year-old cryptosystems and navigating an underground labyrinth in order to solve a secret so powerful it could change the world forever.
This fast-paced adventure blends together a modern-day treasure hunt with historic accounts of Lorenzo de’Medici in Renaissance Florence in an international thriller with plenty of dark twists and exciting turns.

The Prince’s Order

Praise for The Prince’s Order


★★★★★ “Fast paced and never a dull moment, the story draws you into the mystery and adventure from the very first chapter!”

★★★★★ “Wow, what a great book!”

★★★★★ “Great!! Goes from moments in history to present day, showing how the future is intertwined with the decisions made in the past.”


The Prince’s Order

The adventure continues! Read the thrilling follow-up to Amazon bestseller, The Medici Letters: The Secret Origins of the Renaissance.

A scientific breakthrough uncovers an ancient time capsule of knowledge. However, what is discovered may change our view on history… and time, forever.

Florence, Italy. Nearly a year ago, Professor Jack Cullen and his wife Kat nearly lost their lives discovering the infamous Medici family treasure. A powerful secret turned out to be the catalyst behind not only the Renaissance–but all of western civilization. The problem was… the secret was locked in a time-release code.

London, England. Present day. A revolutionary decryption program known as TETRA emerges, unlocking the code and revealing a powerful text, feared stolen.

Jack’s friend and fellow classicist, Egan Church, pursues the text by following a mysterious note written five hundred years before by Niccolo Machiavelli. Church ends up in Italy, descending deep into the ploys of a shadowy brotherhood known as The Prince’s Order.

Paris, France. On vacation–Jack, Kat and their two daughters, Valerie and Anna, are intercepted by a group of mercenaries on a mission to stop The Prince’s Order from fulfilling a cataclysmic, age-old prophecy. The Cullen family discover the only way to survive is by unraveling an ancient legend and fulfilling a lost search for illumination.

Mediterranean Sea. As Jack pursues his missing friend, and Kat works to reprogram TETRA, the Cullen family find themselves evading capture, deciphering an ancient text, and discovering the shocking secret behind one of history’s most famous, political sages.

How you perceive history, time and the lives of the Renaissance Greats will be forever changed.

This saga blends a modern-day thriller with historic accounts of Niccolò Machiavelli in Renaissance Florence in a non-stop, ride with twists, turns and shocking revelations.

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The Island Project: A Thriller

The Big Island of Hawaii is a place of exotic beauty, serene landscapes and timeless culture. It is also a place filled with secrets—both ancient and modern.
Photographer, Tom Bennett, while scouting the island of Hawaii for an upcoming big-budget film, stumbles across a bizarre, panther-like creature in the forest. As Bennett and his adventurous wildlife biologist friend, Kelly Adler, dig deeper into the origins of the creature, they find themselves uncovering a clandestine military experiment fronted by a brilliant inventor and a psychopathic engineer spiraling out of control. The photographer and his lovely colleague are thrust into the middle of a daring investigation which finds them swimming through the Pacific, evading deadly automatons in an elaborate government facility and navigating through the dense, tropical jungle of Hawaii in order to escape the secret they uncovered.

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