Print Advertising

Client: Live Nation Entertainment

Role: Creative Brand Director

Campaign: National Concert Week

National Concert Week is an annual promotional event for Live Nation. It’s the largest revenue-driving promo event of the year with spots on GMA, Jimmy Kimmel and Times Square signage. The creative campaign I put together for 2019 was based around the fan experience—images of fans having the time of their life. LN brand red was integrated as a gradient map and the type was blown up big and bold. Attention grabbed.


Client: Musician’s Friend

Role: Director

Campaign: Your passion. Our commitment

Honors: Gold, Print Advertising | Drum! Magazine

Our Marketing team wanted to develop a campaign that spoke to musicians. We developed a slogan: Your Passion. Our commitment. The intent of the campaign was to recognize music-making for what it is—a passion, or form of creative expression. Music is a language which other musicians can speak and recognize within each other. Musicians are also visual and we wanted to speak to them in a visual way so we went to shows, rehearsals and jam sessions to capture candid moments of creativity—jamming, songwriting, performing. Our series centered around those moments. The campaign produced 7-8 print ads which appeared in a number of publications (Guitar World, Guitar Player, Guitar Aficionado, Keyboard Magazine, EM, Drum!)